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Puppy Sale Terms


This sales agreement is made on the ________ day of ________________ 20_______.

The First Party hereby agrees to sell, and the Second Party hereby agrees to purchase, the puppy/dog described below pursuant to the terms and conditions specified herein:

FIRST PARTY (Seller):J. Neely __________
Address: 54505 NW Scofield Rd
Buxton , Or. 97109

SECOND PARTY (Buyer):___________________
Address: ____________________ ____________________
Phone ____________________
E-mail ____________________

1. If more than one Second Party is listed above then each Second Party may be individually held responsible for the terms of this agreement.

2. Property. The Property is described as:
Puppy/Dog Color: ________________ Date of Birth: ________________ Number: ________

Sex: (Male, Female) Sire: ________________ Dam: __________________

3. Terms of Payment. Cash, money order, or other terms acceptable to the seller, in US funds in the amount of:
Male: Red Merle _______ Red Tri _______ Black Tri _______ Blue Merle _______
Female: Red Merle _______ Red Tri _______ Black Tri _______ Blue Merle _______
Rescue: ______________________________
Other: ______________________________ All transportation costs are the responsibility of the Buyer.

4. Health: Puppy/Dog is guaranteed healthy at the time of the sale. Parasites are common to animals, therefore the Buyer is responsible for taking adequate parasite control measures for treatment and/or prevention of parasites. Buyer should take their new pet to the vet as soon as possible for a checkup to reassure themselves as to the dogs general health. All veterinary costs are the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer may return the dog within three days of purchase (pickup of the dog). See refund policy below.

5. Disclaimer. Seller does not guarantee the puppy/dog with respect to problems that arise as a result of the Buyers negligence, mistreatment, accidents, lack of training, lack of medical care, etc. Seller does not guarantee the scheduling of availability, intended use, or future value, that the Buyer may have or expect, for the puppy/dog.

6. Final. This sale is final, subject to the return policy below.

7. Collection or Suit. In the event any collection, suit, or action is brought to collect any of the money owing or due or to enforce any provision of this contract, then all attorney fees, all court costs, collection costs and/or collection fees, filing costs, discovery costs, costs incurred to find the Buyer, process server costs, service costs, postage costs, storage costs, together with any and all costs the Seller may incur shall be awarded to the Seller and herein become the obligation of the Buyer to reimburse in full to the Seller.

8. Contract Situs. All matters, whether sounding in contract or tort relating to the validity, construction, interpretation and enforcement of this Contract, will be determined in Washington County, Oregon. Oregon law will govern the interpretation and construction of this Contract.

9. Return. Puppies/Dogs may be returned according to the following terms. Puppy/Dog must be returned uninjured and in the same condition as when they were picked up.
1. If Buyer changes their mind within 72 hours of the date of payment, then the amount paid will be refunded. (see #5 below).
2. If Buyer changes their mind within 72 hours of the date of pickup, then the amount paid will be refunded upon return of the healthy pup, and all papers. (see #5 below).
3. If the dog is a rescue, then there is no return allowed.
4. If the Buyer retains a tail on the puppy, then there is no return allowed.
5. If the Buyer prepaid for a pup or has been placed on a prepaid waiting list, then there will be a $250 fee charged for cancellation.
6. If the Buyer encounters a major medical (genetic) problem within two years of purchase, which requires them to put down the
puppy/dog, then they will be allowed to purchase another puppy/dog for half the current price. Vet proof is required.
7. All refunds/adjustments are paid on the first of the month following the notice of refund/adjustment request.
Any payments by check must be first verified as collected funds before any refunds/adjustments will be processed.
8. Purchases of medical packets are final and non-refundable.